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the first step to any murder is to have fun and be yourself

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hannibal + faceless

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From Sugaria


From Sugaria


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Broad City filming season 2. More images at Bedford + Bowery.

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anonymous asked: cronyn or deare?
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you either run from things or you face them.

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Best man friend.
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Celebrating my 1001th post with Holmses that I love with all my heart.

In less than a year I did 1000 posts and my achievents so far are:

  • One subtitled TV show
  • Zero hate messages 
  • Some photoshop skills
  • Some considerable amount of stuff translated and explained for the Soviet series
  • Some followers

The not so bright side is

  • Last Soviet series related post came out a half a year ago
  • Incredible 0.5 posts/week speed
  • Shitty gifs
  • My photoshop related blog might be more popular than this one
  • Dead fandom
  • I’m still not a dictator

Anyhow, 1001 posts! 

I will never un-see Watson booty shaking.

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I caught a glimpse of myself in the mirror, and I looked right through me - past me - as if I was just a stranger.

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How dare you throw away the beautiful gifts you were born with?

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“I didn’t know what to call him and [to] Dorothy, my wife, I said ‘Will you have a look through the Mayflower, the Christian names of everybody who went over to America’, and she came across a man called Determination Davis and another man called Endeavour Jones.”  Colin Dexter

“It certainly informs pretty much everything we do, that name.”  Russ Lewis

“It shows you a massive part of who this person is. To endeavour, to … try. There’s something about that name which is interesting and sort of essential.”  Shaun Evans

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