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Endeavour → 1x02.Fugue


Behind the Hobbit:

" Bofur ? Alcoholic."
-Aidan Turner.


Reminder — advance screenings of Transcendence this evening with wide release tomorrow (next week in cinemas in Ireland, UK, Australia and Germany, etc. whyyy?)

six favourite moments | john & alice, luther (as requested by narylfiel)

Cillian on Pig and Runt’s relationship

"They see their world and then they see this world around it, which is very, you know, out of focus, especially for Pig."

“How do you deduce that the man is intellectual?” “It’s a question of cubic capacity, a man with so large a head must have something in it!”

mi sopragiunse uno soave sonno
ne lo quale m’apparve una maravigliosa visione


The game is…something. 

Madam certainly recognises quality when she sees it